Tom Ford’s philosophy of not overexposing his creations by releasing them during the Fashion Week is well known and the fashion industry has already become well accustomed with this strategy. The anticipation for the collection has reached its peak in the weeks before the launch. Tom Ford has revealed the full collection shot by himself to Vogue exclusively allowing everyone to see his collection.

The main emphasis of the collection seems to have been classy, sexy outfits that can stand the test of time. He states that: “It seems people came looking for what they used to find from me — the ruched dresses, the shaggy fur jackets. My focus is really old-fashioned. I want to do classic clothes. I don’t want to do trendy collections that swing around from season to season. I want to do things that will stay in a woman’s wardrobe a long time—quite ‘forever’ pieces. So I’m looking for consistency.” 

From classy black and white combos to showgirl-style outfits that cannot go by unnoticed, the emphasis on elegance is always crystal clear. Ford revealed his favorite pieces for the collection: “Blouses with a loose, slouchy quality; something fitted at the waist, and with a bondage-y thing on the foot—my favorite is the wedge with the chain-strap!”

Elaborating on the idea of classicism in his view, the designer openly admits he took inspiration from the Yves Saint Laurent style concepts: “I’ve streamlined things more this season. I think I’m very classic, because what I do is always based on something you’ve seen before. And yes, maybe there’s something YSL about it. When I left off designing for women, I was at YSL so I’m working through that to be me, asking myself, What do I like? What defines your brand?” 

The main style guidelines the designer endorses for the season? Think fitted clothes, leather jackets, fringes, ostentatious feather trims, luxurious golden tones, python skin inserts, pencil skirts and even Spanish culture influences like peasant blouses, revealing necklines. Masculine touches are well reflected by the tight fitting suit choices.

Photos via Vogue