Selecting elegant yet ultra versatile outfit styles is not always easy as creating interest without going on an uber conservative route can be challenging at times. However, the latest Theory spring 2012 collection illustrates a plethora of compelling alternatives that can be adapted to a variety of occasions for a fabulous look.

Minimalist looks are the main emphasis of the collection which features a lot of black, white and grays. Well defined structures, proportions and a slight masculine touch are some of the elements that best define the looks presented. Geometric vibes can be spotted in most of the outfits where color touches are added. Mid length dresses, flared and straight cut pants, simple sweaters, shorts or dressy blazers are some of the must have pieces of the collection.

The main fashion trends for the spring summer 2012 season in the brand’s vision are sheer blouses, geometric and abstract prints, fitted minimalistic mid length dresses or stripes. As far as the color palette is concerned, nautical influences can be perceived. A myriad of blue and greenish tones can be spotted in a multitude of outfits while occasional bright tones are much less common.

Since the well structured outfits are enough to create a powerful, lasting positive impression, accessories are kept mostly functional, sometimes being even completely left out. Cross body bags, simple and comfy platforms along with thin belts are some of the accessories chosen for completing the outfits included in the second collection of the brand.

Photo courtesy of Theory