The brand might be called ‘The Stone Cold Fox’, but its exquisite designs can definitely make hearts melt as a high dose of sexiness is infused in each and every fashion brand wearing this label. The Stone Cold Fox’ spring/summer 2013 lookbook titled ‘Virgin Bride’ takes fashionistas on an exciting journey through the world of vintage designs that make a statement and that can instantly turn you into a style icon.

The ‘Virgin Bride’ lookbook signed The Stone Cold Fox juxtaposes the romanticism of demure looking designs with sexy, vintage lingerie inspired cuts that give the outfits plenty of attitude, so if you’ve been searching for innovative ways to revive the style of your wardrobe this upcoming spring/summer, this collection can be the perfect place to start drawing inspiration from.

After a winter of pared-down darks and neutrals, a bit of brightness introduced into your wardrobe will be more than welcome as they will help enhance your mood and make you feel like a true breath of fresh air. The designs seem to take on a bohemian allure brought through the cuts and prints used in the creation process, so if you feel the high energy vibe brought by this particular style, don’t hesitate to test your styling skills and turn yourself into a true boho chic style icon. The essentials for the upcoming 2013 season seem to be stylish loose and silky shorts, peplum blouses featuring plunging decolletages, backless dresses, lace cropped tops, baggy tops, sexy maxi skirts and dresses featuring high and sexy slits.

Dresses are a definite must have this upcoming season and the designs signed The Stone Cold Fox will turn you into a total dress junkie, so call in the new simplicity by opting to juggle with sleek, weightless designs that have a straightforward take on chicness. Although simple, the cuts and the vintage allure that is exuded by the designs make it look totally unique and sophisticated, so revamp your style and add more buzz to your casual look by experimenting with any of the new designs included in The Stone Cold Fox ‘Virgin Bride’ lookbook.

Photos courtesy of The Stone Cold Fox