The new season is all about color and studs at The Ragged Priest, so if you’re looking for a stylish outfit to rock your world, check out the label’s spring/summer lookbook. With an array of impressive dress-to-impress looks that feature retro/vintage chic styles that are difficult to ignore, the collection will dare you to resist it. The label seems to be fascinated by colored pigments and studs this season as they are featured on every single item, individually or combined, so if you’re a fan of vintage, statement pieces, the collection is definitely worth checking out.

Fashion has become a very important part of our lives as it’s considered a form of self-expression, a way to underline your personality, so no wonder that the explosion of the styles that switch from season to season capture attention on an international level. The Ragged Priest has managed to draw in an array of fans including celebrities as renowned celebrity Rihanna has been spotted donning a stylish pair of The Ragged Priest customized studded Levis shorts, similar to the ones featured in the spring/summer 2012 lookbook titled ‘Wish You Were Here’.

With a high dose of rock’n’roll attitude, the studded pieces are a magnet for attention and if you’re looking for an outfit to go along with your fierce attitude, an outfit that is sexy at the same time, whether it’s designed for men or women, the studded leather jackets, jeans, shorts and vests are a perfect option to take into consideration.

Denim is a definite unisex must have and the amazing array of fashionable denim pieces signed The Ragged Priest demonstrate that this upcoming season denim pieces will make you stand out, as their vintage pattern cuts, bold applications and motifs are definite head-turners.

When it comes to color, The Ragged Priest has gone big, opting for tie-dyes, ombre colors as well as Hawaiian-style prints. Featured on everything from shirts to vests, pants, shorts and dresses, the designs dare you to have fun with colors and styles this spring/summer 2012 season. Dare to be different and experiment with the array of cool fashion items signed The Ragged Priest for SS2012 so you can become the style icon you deserve to be!

Photos courtesy of The Ragged Priest