'The Next Black' is a 47 minute documentary about the future of the fashion industry. Produced by home-appliance manufacturer AEG in collaboration with award-winning production company House of Radon, the film explores the changes that the future holds for fashion, mainly through the perspective of four innovative companies: Studio XO, a fashion and technology company based in UK, Patagonia, a company that is well known for its strides towards a more sustainable clothing industry, Adidas, and BioCouture, a design consultancy firm in London that seeks to grow biodegradable clothing using cellulose producing microbes. Another interesting company included in the film is the Yeh Group, a company that developed a way to dye clothes without water.

The need for sustainable clothing production and the possibilities that exist when it comes to smart clothing are the two main themes explored in 'The Next Black' documentary which was released on May 21st. The documentary discusses the inherent problems of the current fast fashion paradigm and its future, the role technology is expected to play when it comes to clothing and even revolutionary concepts such as digital skin.

Bio Fabric Dye

According to Studio XO co-founder Nancy Tilbury, the relationship we have with clothing is bound to be quite different in the next 20 years.“I think our relationship with clothes in 20 years will be really interesting. I wonder if we'll even wear clothes, or if we'll fully have digital skin," she states in the movie.

The goal of 'The New Black' documentary is to contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable and to anticipate future washing needs. According to Ola Nilsson, head of laundry at AEG, the company is looking for ways to contribute to the goal of sustainability and help educate consumers in the process: 

“Reducing energy and water use in our appliances while ensuring the gentlest care possible to prolong the lifetime of garments, are ways for us to help make the clothing industry more sustainable. We can also educate consumers about how to care for their clothes with least possible impact on the environment.”

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