The Taylor Swift for Keds spring 2014 line has been unveiled a while back and offered us a different perspective on the star’s look. Though we are used to seeing Taylor all glammed up and constantly hitting the best dressed lists for virtually every red carpet event she attends, it’s refreshing to see her in a more relaxed environment donning simple yet cool casual outfits and catching a glimpse of the 11 new sneakers that are included in the fourth Taylor Swift for Keds spring 2014 collection.

The star poses in a lush garden, first by herself and then surrounded by two other models in what seems to be the representation of a laid back garden party. Both the diva and the two other models wear simple casual ensembles with an effortlessly cool flair but that are sure not to go unnoticed. The attitude is a cheerful, carefree one.

Taylor Swift For Keds Spring 2014 LineTaylor Swift For Keds Spring 2014 Sneakers

As with the other campaigns, the country singer’s thoughts were directed towards the idea of bravery as this is the concept the Taylor Swift for Keds campaigns have always promoted. What does the star think about when it comes to how the concept can be applied on a regular basis? The answer comes straight from the star who states that: “It can be as simple as saying what you mean, it can be as simple as being honest about who you are or who you love. It doesn’t have to be some courageous act where there is a movie score in the background. Bravery can happen in little tiny doses every day.”

Taylor Swift For Keds Spring 2014 CampaignKeds Spring 2014 Campaign

Are the new Taylor Swift for Keds shoes as alluring as the concept that defines the campaign? Well, that’s for every loyal fan of the brand to decide, but if you ask us, the newest styles put forward by the star can definitely have a great place in any fashionista’s closet. They’re simple yet eye-catching, comfy yet stylish, come in a variety of fab tones and are perfect for a variety of activities. Plus, if they’re good enough for Taylor Swift…

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