If you’re looking to upgrade your style to suit the new season standards, Stylestalker has the perfect proposition to take into consideration if you’re all about fierce styles as the brand chose to mix and match leather, heavy prints, lace, studs and flirty feminine shapes for the fall 2012 season. Browse the new Stylestalker ‘Fight Club’ lookbook for some trendy style pointers.

Stylestalker’s new collection juxtaposes two styles, edgy casual chic and flirty feminine, styles that dominated the fashion podiums this fall 2012 season and which can definitely help you to juggle with various trends as this is the key to maintaining an ever-fresh, enviable style.

Shot in a dark plateau in Paris, Stylestalker’s ‘Fight Club’ lookbook puts face to face a gang of blondes and a gang of brunettes, all donning various oh-so-trendy fashion pieces, so who do you predict will win the round? Well, we believe it’s gonna be a tie as all the designs have managed to capture our attention and spark our interest. A little bit of sexiness brought by mini dresses and lace/leopard print details balanced by the fierceness of luxurious studded leather, heavy prints and the classic dresses, skirts and shirts are sure bets when building a versatile wardrobe. Modern yet classy and with enough drama added, the ‘Fight Club’ collection proves it’s worth its weight in gold, so browse through all of the designs and tell us which is the style you’re stalking this fall!

Photos courtesy of Stylestalker