Nothing can make you feel better than a stylish fashion item, so no wonder that there is a constant search for new fashion styles that just bring that sense of timeless sophistication. Vintage trends have always managed to inspire new designs and Style Stalker has demonstrated how fabulous a vintage inspired outfit can look in these modern days. The latest fashion collection from Style Stalker for spring/summer 2011, titled Young Hollywood, brings back timeless trends and gives them a modern twist.

A stylish outfit can have a great impact over your physical appearance and confidence level and feeling great in your own skin is definitely a feeling that cannot be topped. If you love fashion and style, especially vintage-inspired styles, the new Style Stalker fashion collection is definitely going to make your day!

Style Stalker Young Hollywood

Style Stalker

Style Stalker

The collection is enveloped in a very seductive allure that cannot be overlooked. Seductiveness and beauty have everything to do with femininity and style and this collection definitely has the power to conquer and create that “femme fatale” look that cannot be matched. Style Stalker got inspiration for its collection from the streets of the City of Angels, the streets of Hollywood, where decadence meets decay. Mixing different elements from the diverse world of Hollywood, the glam day life and the night-life, has led to the development of these amazingly stylish fashion items which can definitely make a statement.

Gorgeous distressed shorts paired with feminine flare blouses or cleavage revealing shirts, lovely maxi skirts paired with cropped tops, stylish pleated dresses, lace mini dresses are only a few fab fashion items which look incredibly hot and manage to sport a vintage, yet modern allure.

Style Stalker 2011 Style Stalker 2011 Style Stalker 2011 Style Stalker 2011

Style Stalker SS2011

Fabrics definitely have a great impact over a person’s style, from chiffon to denim and lace, the fabrics evoke femininity and hug the body to reveal its feminine forms without stepping near the zone of vulgarity. Simple accessories such as stylish necklaces, cute boho-chic hats and lovely summer boots and sandals help complete the look of the outfits. To look absolutely amazing, you don’t have to turn towards sophisticated outfits that make you feel uncomfortable. Casual style outfits can too make a statement, so mix and match different fab vintage-inspired items and get ready to shine.

Style Stalker has tried to take the graceful elegance of classic Hollywood sirens and gave it a boost of modernism for a look that mixes-up “timeless sophistication with rock’n’roll swagger.

Style Stalker Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Style Stalker Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Photos courtesy of Style Stalker