Capturing a unique and perfect moment in time can be a tricky business. However, we can now talk about a few photographers able to shoot memorable, emotional and original images. And David Nyanzi is one of them. His work is different! Famous for his street fashion photos and incredible attention to details, David accepted our invitation to speak about his inspiring work. So, check out a great interview with a young, talented street style photographer!

BG: First of all, who is David Nyanzi? Walk us through a typical day in the life of David Nyanzi!

David Nyanzi: David Nyanzi, age 27, lives in North London. A typical day involves walking around mainly The West End for about four to five hours beginning at around midday and The East End on Sundays, mainly the Brick Lane area in search of anybody dressed in an interesting fashion.

BG: When did you start shooting? Did you have like a once-in-a-lifetime moment when you knew you wanted to start getting into photography?

DN: My epiphany came in the summer of 2010 and that’s when I started shooting street fashion.

BG: How would you describe your photographic style? How do you differentiate yourself from all the other people trying to do what you do?

DN: I would describe my photographic style from a photo-journalistic/impressionist point of view in that I try to document what certain individuals are wearing in this particular day and age be it at fashion week or just the regular folks on the street.

Street Style Photographer David Nyanzi | Interview

BG: Do you prefer going to fashion shows and shoot famous It-girls sitting in the front row or are you more into shooting regular people on the street?

DN: I prefer the normal regular folks on the streets to the famous people.

BG: Do you get to know the persons you shoot? Do you ask permission? Tell us a little bit about the process…You see a cool outfit and… How do you know that this is “the one”? What makes a great look?

DN: Normally I go by my instincts to help me choose which person I’m going to stop for a picture – it’s a split-second decision. I just walk up to them and ask politely whether they would be so kind to pose for me. In my opinion, a great look comprises of many different things depending on many variables such as colour combinations, texture layering, hair and make-up, accessories personality, location etc…

BG: It must be really fascinating and fun in the same time capturing all those unique moments. Have you ever faced awkward situations? Did anybody ever say ‘no’ when you asked to take their picture?

DN: It‘s a fun and really fulfilling experience doing this job. Yes, sometimes people say ‘no’ to me for many reasons mainly because they are in a hurry to some place or they are shy.

BG: Do you have a city you consider to be the most stylish?

DN: London is the most stylish city by far and I’ll tell you why – London attracts, nurtures and rewards talent – there is such a diverse mix of people and cultures here that no other city on the planet can boast of having.

Street Style Photographer David Nyanzi - Interview

BG: Are there any photographers who you admire? Do you read any other fashion blogs?

DN: I admire Steve McCurry’s work as a photo-journalist.

BG: Well, we have to admit that the street style photography has become a real phenomenon! What direction do you think this type of photography will go in the future? Don’t you think we’ll end up facing a saturation?

DN: In my eyes, the street style phenomenon has reached saturation point and has been there for a couple of seasons now dating back to summer 2011. It gets increasingly challenging to shoot outside the shows now but if you know what you’re looking for, you always find a way of getting it.

BG: Now, I cannot end this interview without talking about your book, Brick Lane Portraits In Landscape. What is it about and where can we find it?

DN: Brick Lane Portraits In Landscape is about interesting faces that I see around the Brick lane area. You can buy one on Blurb for now although I’m working on a publishing deal.

BG: Oh, and one last question! Are you ever without your camera?

DN: Yes, I sometimes go out without my camera if I have errands to run and on most occasions I see something I would have shot but…

Head over to David Nyanzi’s blog to check out more of his street style photography!