Every season fashion labels bring to our attention their latest creations as clothes and accessories can be a perfect form of self expression, a way to make yourself look and feel prettier, so if you’re ready to revamp your look, check out Stradivarius’s September 2012 lookbook as the brand put on display an array of stylish and very wearable autumnal garments.

Switching up last season garments with new season designs is mandatory if you want to maintain your style fresh and enviable as every season new, innovative designs take over the fashion scene. Although there are certain pieces that can hold a trendy spot for years in a row, not all garments make it to the next season trends, thus sorting and adding new pieces to your collection is highly advised. In an attempt to demonstrate how you can become a fashion diva, Stradivarius put together the September fall 2012 lookbook, so take a peek through the flirty, feminine yet chic and casual looking garments and find out which pieces match perfectly with your new season style.

With a little bit of Gothic-glam style infused in the collection, Stradivarius makes sure women benefit from a bit of variety at least when it comes to design. Thus, you can enjoy a gorgeous selection of stylish short dresses, glam shorts, skirts and obviously the seasonal must have pullovers, skinny jeans and trendy impeccably tailored blazers.

Although the collection features simple lines that create a soft visual impact, the kick or that ‘je ne sais quoi’ is brought through the statement accessories used as well as through the texture of the fabric. Glitzy glam shorts paired with a simple blouse and a pair of boots can do wonders for your look, so get creative and dare to mix and match various designs and fabrics until you achieve a look that is totally you.

A touch of masculinity, element which is yet again super popular on the fall 2012 fashion podiums also managed to find its way into the collection through the shirts and printed T-shirts, elements that can be dressed-up or dressed-down according to your mood, so get ready to make a high-fashion impression by adding some of the fashion pieces signed Stradivarius September 2012 in your fall season wardrobe.

Photos courtesy of Stradivarius