PETA is one of the most powerful and active organizations to protect the rights of animals. This time, the audience will see the contribution of another prominent personality to the fight against the use of natural fur and leather in the fashion industry.

The Stella McCartney 3-minute PETA plea will definitely shock those who consider their tiny pets a real jewelry and a life-long friend. The video contains terrifying images about cruel acts done to different animals. The fashion godmother is ready to reveal the horror of leather and fur production. Stella McCartney asks the great public to refuse to wear clothes and accessories produced from these materials in order to stop encouraging designers to contribute to the death of sweet and innocent animals.

The short film which lines up a set of shocking images aims to attract the attention of fashionistas to the responsibility of wearing fur and natural leather. Stella McCartney is one of the marching designers who decided to fight against the mass-tendency of style creators to embed these precious materials into their collections.

The campaign is launched right before the London Fashion Week to get world-wide attention. Activists want to warn people who attend this high-class event to think about wearing leather or fur again. The video will be distributed via the Facebook pages of PETA supporters and other fashion blogs who share the same views.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images