The New York Fashion Week spring 2014 is in full swing and although we’ve only seen a small part of the new colletions, we can already say that the wait was entirely worth it. It might be too early to start making predictions as to what the spring 2014 trends will be, but what we know for a fact is that fashionistas who love elegant alternatives with a feminine vibe will find plenty of tempting alternatives in stores next year. 

While some designers focused on bringing chic retro accents, others preferred to focus on futuristic vibes for a hint of edginess.

Here are five chic lines from the first two days of the New York Fashion Week spring 2014 edition:

NYFW Spring 2014: Retro Vibes & Metallics at Creatures of the Wind

Creatures Of The Wind Spring 2014

The inspiration behind the new Creatures of the Wind collection might have been supernatural (designers titled their new line “The Pale Hyperborea”, after the mythological Greek paradise), but the pieces themselves were totally wearable, not to mention incredibly chic and elegant, taking several style cues from the ’40s. Relaxed silhouettes, simple and feminine dresses and a multitude of metallic skirts paired with cool tailored jackets dominated the new collection. View more: Creatures of the Wind Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014: Masculine/Feminine at Marissa Webb

Marissa Webb Spring 2014

Designer Marissa Webb decided to use her personal aesthetic preferences as a starting point of the new line and combine both feminine and masculine influences in a series of modern looks. Among the feminine offerings from the new line were flirty short satin dresses and vibrantly colored tops. Masculine influences were materialized though chic military-inspired pieces which added a hint of edginess to otherwise simple, utilitarian combos. View more: Marissa Webb Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014:  Sweet Rebellion at Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller Spring 2014

A superficial glimpse though Nicole Miller’s feminine, prints-infused new spring 2014 line can make it difficult to believe that rebellion, not romance was the starting point of the new line. The designer didn’t feel the need to choose sweet floral prints or chic abstract motifs with an edgy spin. Instead, she combined them cleverly in a series of outfits that instantly mesmerized. The “rebel” accents were spotted mostly at the end of the new line, when the designer brought ripped jeans, cool leather jackets and chic sequined pieces with an instantly distinguishable edgy vibe. View more: Nicole Miller Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014: Black/White Elegance at Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez Spring 2014

Designer Robert Rodriguez celebrates 10 years in business, so his new creations reflected the special occasion: elegant, architectural pieces with a distinctly modern vibe. The theme of the his new collection was “African Tribes to Futuristic Warriors”. The first part of the theme was reflected though relatively subtle achromatic prints. The second part of the theme was much more easily spot given the multitude of interesting proportions and modern combinations that dominated the new line. View more: Robert Rodriguez Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014: Delicate & Sophisticated at Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2014

Tadashi Shoji’s lineup was probably the most elegant line we’ve seen so far at the New York Fashion Week spring 2014. The designer brought a multitude of delicate dresses to illustrated the concept of “Sweet Liberation” and focused on mostly on gorgeous pastel green tones, lemon yellow and pale lavender shades but brought a few geometric prints into the mix and a few dark pieces which brought a interesting contrast to the mix. View more: Tadashi Shoji Spring 2014 Collection

Photos via WWD