Supermodel Frida Gustavsson looks absolutely spectacular in the latest Sportmax spring summer 2012. Ultra classy yet so laid back, she manages to capture the spirit of the brand perfectly. The undeniable glam allure of the looks is expressed in a modern manner and the youthful vibe becomes apparent instantly. The idea that youthful vibes don’t necessarily have to rely on revealing skin is convincingly portrayed in the photos.

Prints are certainly the ‘it’ words for the upcoming months and florals tend to be the most popular choice of all. The style of prints is the area where the brand manages to stand out. Structurally speaking, things are pretty much set on a classical route with well defined silhouettes and a strong emphasis on creating an impressive contrast.

Unsurprisingly, fitted dresses and high waist skirts tend to maintain their appeal this season and, in the same time, they are a fail proof method of looking sharp, polished and even professional without being overly conventional. Fitted pants have taken the place of wide leg ones that were a hot choice in the past summer. With such a great emphasis on structure and proportion, embracing such styles is not necessarily for those who prefer to keep a low profile.

Asymmetry touches and pleats are two style elements that are carefully controlled, being a point of interest without being overly obvious. This moderate approach makes the looks just a little more accessible and more versatile. Unlike many print styles which stand out thanks to the wild color choices, the brand features options that manage to look sophisticated without major color palette shifts all in one outfit. Monochrome pieces will never lose their appeal if combined properly and this truth is beautifully expressed to an important extent in the campaign.

Photo courtesy of Sportmax