For the new season, Australia-based fashion label Somedays Lovin chose to focus on retro, bohemian allure designs that capture attention like a magnet, designs that hypnotize and that have the power to take you on a dreamy journey through the wonderful and diverse world of fashion, giving the impression you’re ‘Lost in Crystal Canyons’. The jaw-dropping designs ooze youthfulness and playfulness as well as a certain sophistication that can only be achieved by true fashion addicts, so you’ll surely have a blast getting lost in the style-rich collection.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and Somedays Lovin is definitely making sure you’re going to have a blast mixing and matching the designs featured in their latest fashion collection as apart from the wonderful pigmentation chosen, the collection unveiled fabulous cuts that match the honeys that want to stand out from the crowd. The lines are quite revealing, thus underlining the collection’s contemporary side, while the coloration, the prints as well as the details displayed by the designs show off a retro side that has reached a whole new level of popularity these past couple of seasons.

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The brand’s perfect fusion of old-meets-new keeps the peepers focused on the designs although the creations lean more towards casual rather than formal, meaning these are perfect streetwear style garments to spice up your spring 2013 wardrobe as who can resist temptation with so many flirty dresses and sexy shorts on display?! The dresses combine the sexiness of short and maxi cuts with the comfort of loose designs and the result: pure perfection. On the opposite side of the totally in love with dresses girly-girls, the denim loving divas are going to have a blast raiding through the oh-so-hot shorts, mini distressed skirts, cool shirts and stylish stallion vests.

The bohemian accents cannot be ignored as they are given through the use of sexy bandeau tops, cropped tops, lightweight feel maxi cardigans, asymmetric blouses, so dare to mix and match your fave designs to achieve a totally unique look that you feel so comfortable wearing. Fashionistas don’t have to follow trends to look hot, they can be creative and spark new trends and Somedays Lovin provide the props to achieving an inspirational attire, so browse through the brand’s new designs and find the elements that will help you spark envy for your style!

Photos courtesy of Somedayslovin