Shedding light on a subject that has long been considered tabu, Russian model Kira Dikhtyar unveils the shocking diet methods some of her fellow runway colleagues turn towards to be super-skinny-runway-ready. Find out what she had to say, next!

It seems that the image of the perfect woman shrinks every year as models are putting on display their thin physiques obtained through methods that shock from the very beginning. This subject has always attracted a generous amount of attention especially after several models have reached an alarming weight and anorexic looking bodies. Even though a signal of alarm has been triggered by top models, things are still maintaining the same path as Russian top model Kira Dikhtyar revealed some shocking diet methods some runway models still turn towards to maintain themselves skinny.

There have been numerous occasions in which top models and magazines have spoken about the pressure put on models to look a certain way, including dropping to a certain weight. The difference in size between the models of today and the models of about three decades ago was documented in an interesting article put together by Plus Model Magazine.

However, it seems that the massive amount of backlash over the fact that designers are more inclined to choose size 0 models has impacted the fashion scene, causing some designers to stop using anorexic models and thus forcing them to at least have a healthy weight/height ratio in order to be runway-ready. Things haven't completely changed as Kira told Fox News that there's nothing some models wouldn't do to look skinny. According to Fox News, Kira listed "packs of cigarettes, daily colonics, laxatives, Phentermine diet pills, Adderal, prescription drugs that suppress the appetite" as only a few of the shocking dieting methods some runway models turn towards to drop inches or maintain their weight.

If these methods are not quite breaking news to you, other methods such as drugs and metabolism boosting injections might be.

"I’ve heard stories that some modeling agents encourage girls to do speed and cocaine in order to speed up metabolism and eat less. And all kinds of injections are becoming more and more popular, from HCG injections that go with a 500-calorie diet plan to T3 thyroid injections that healthy models inject in an attempt to speed up their thyroid function, which results in a faster metabolism", Kira told Fox News.

The fact that agents advise models to push themselves to lose weight has been revealed by supermodel Coco Rocha (who is also a CFDA supporter) not too long ago, who said that she's also been advised to drop weight in the past just because the look that was on demand was anorexic.

While some stick to the extreme weight loss methods stated above, other models turn towards hypnosis and even eating cotton balls to help them push through the day, lose weight and not feel hungry.

Although some fashion designers such as Mark Fast and Herve Ledger have included curvier models in their fashion presentations, skinny models are still dominating the runways. Do you think designers and magazines should start featuring more heavily healthy-looking, curvacious models?