Approach the new season with enthusiasm and excitement and aim to give simple and comfy pieces a new cool vibe with imaginative classy combos like the ones presented in the spring/summer 2012 Shabd collection created by designer Shabd Simon-Alexander.

Between fancy fashion trends, new style ideas coming our way constantly and a multitude of creative celebrity outfits, it's easy to be convinced that fashionable looks are almost always super effort intense. This is why whenever we find looks that manage to be surprisingly versatile and laid back while still being spectacular we cannot help but be irresistibly drawn towards them. The latest such example is the Sahbd spring 2012 lookbook which makes dressing well a rather intuitive process by making the most of a few practical pieces.

Bringing back a series of past season favorites and reinterpreting them into chic outfits without the slightest sign of excess and a subtle feminine vibe, the lookbook proves a wonderful source of inspiration for those who crave chicness with a minimalist vibe. Though tight fitting dresses can have a strong appeal due to their sculpting potential, more forgiving styles in this department can prove a confidence booster. The collection includes plenty of less structured styles which can prove a real treat for those who like flowy styles.

Aside from gorgeous summery dresses, mid length skirts or A-line ones, the brand brings a few fresh vibes in the prints department as well. Tie-dye elements bring a retro vibe that can bring back some pretty fun memories and might even prove a head turner when combined adequately. Bringing visual interest to the lower body part is super simple with the right touches and the grand variety of style elements can be a wonderful option for mixing things up a bit.

High waist pants and jumpsuits are also having a moment in the brand's latest project and the multitude of fun combos are created as a result. Monochrome jumpsuits are the simplest, safest route for an effortless spring look. A healthy mix of gorgeous pastels and bright tones along with simple accessories prove the absolute perfect approach for creating a fabulous new season look. Simplicity, comfort and creativity are the only ingredients needed for a gorgeous new season look and the Shabd lookbook is a wonderful illustration of this concept. Give minimalistic pieces a whole new vibe with interesting concepts from the latest collection of the New York based brand.

Photo courtesy of Shabd