Kasia Struss and Bambi Northwood-Blyth are the two supermodels that give personality and glamor to the latest collection of the German brand Set, continuing to represent the utilitarian chic style with originality and creativity.

Gone are the days when masculine touches were overly obvious and followed a well set pattern. A mix of styles that reveal several inspiration sources perfectly mixed and matched can provide a much more complex style image that intrigues and dazzles at the same time as the brand eagerly demonstrates with this collection.

Classy leather jackets, fitted trousers, suits, cardigans and fedoras are the style essentials of the collection that approaches several style visions that prove to be incredibly compelling. Colored pants and rather simple t-shirt styles complete the list of fashion essentials that appeal to casual style lovers.

Aside from sexy fedoras that appear to be a recurrent motif of the collection, statement accessories, particularly jewelry are an instant attention grabber that adds complexity to the perfectly selected pieces taking them to the next level. Oversized metallic rings, chunky bracelets, watches or big pendants give the outfits a special allure. Another accessory that proves indispensable in hot sunny days, sunglasses, is also used. As for footwear options, comfy and stylish is the way to go with options such as wedges and flat boots.

Photo courtesy of SET