Freja Beha Erichsen stars in the latest Saint Laurent pre-fall 2013 campaign. The new Saint Laurent ads have been shot by Hedi Slimane himself. The new campaign is filled with modern elegant yet edgy ensembles which definitely honors the label’s core. The preference for black and white pictures definitely helps bring out the refined allure of the new offerings. Aside from displaying some of the hottest pieces for the next months, the new campaign also marks the launch of the new Paris flagship store at 53 Avenue Montaigne, which was also arranged by the designer himself. 

The new Saint Laurent pre-fall 2013 campaign and the new store share a number of striking similarities, the design perspective being perhaps the most important one. The new season options have an architectural flair if we take the perfectly defined proportions and the sharp tailored pieces which are  brought into the spotlight. The rocker chic allure can be detected immediately. The Danish beauty looks   sharp and sexy in the new achromatic ensembles. Masculine vibes blend with feminine accents for a gorgeous set of outfits which instantly manage to steal the spotlight. 

Freja Beha Erichsen Saint LaurentFreja Beha Erichsen Saint Laurent Campaign 2013

Biker chic leather jackets, fab skirts, gorgeous boots or killer pumps, oversized blazers and classy minimalist handbags with a modern are the  main choices that the new Saint Laurent pre-fall 2013 campaign brings into the spotlight. Those who were quick to judge black and white outfits as  plain or boring will definitely think twice when seeing some of these ensembles. The luxurious allure of the new outfits is definitely noticeable from the very first glance. 

Freja Beha Saint Laurent 2013 CampaignSaint Laurent Campaign Pre Fall 2013

The new Saint Laurent pre-fall 2013 campaign is just one of the signs that the label’s new designer definitely manages to capture the label’s essence despite many critics and controversies that might have suggested otherwise. Revamp your black and white ensembles using some of the genius style tricks from the new campaign of the luxury label to ensure you steal the spotlight every single time. 

Saint Laurent Campaign 2013Saint Laurent Pre Fall 2013 Campaign

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