The Rodarte and Opening Ceremony collaboration is certainly not new, yet it is undoubtedly exciting and glamorous. With the multitude of designer-retailer collaborations for the season, the following months will certainly be strongly infused with elegance and sophistication and the two brands are certainly doing their part in ensuring this concept will become a reality.

Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian culture, Kate and Laura Mulleavy hope to dazzle consumers with feminine creations that exude delicacy with their princess-like allure. Interesting textures, eclectic prints, soft ruffles or sheer details are just some of the style elements the two fashion brands have brought to our attention for the upcoming season.

The emphasis on femininity is more than clear thanks to the multitude of long and mid-length dresses which inevitably become the main focus of the collection. The styles range from conservative and vintage-like with a well chosen chromatic palette to modern and provocative due to the sheer details and fabric choices. Although fairly subtle, these types of contrasts really amp up the overall diversity of the collection.

In the area of fabric the collection shows some exciting options such as shearling, lamb skin leather or cable-knits. Another interesting distinctive feature of the collection is the preference for silk prints. The return of the printed pants is undoubtedly noteworthy as it is rather unexpected. Furthermore, those who like to take a few fashion risks might also be pleasantly surprised by the head to toe print outfits presented.

Well defined waist is another style element that proves to be hard to miss, whether we are talking about high waist pants or figure flattering dresses. Ankle socks, an important trend of the fall 2010 season is also brought back by the two brands as a style statement with a practical vibe. On the other hand, other types of accessories are kept at a bare minimum in order to maintain the accuracy of the image created.

The brand also offers some style alternatives for the opposite sex, making the prospect of shopping as a couple just a little more exciting. All the creations from this collection will be available for purchase online and in stores starting with early October, which means there’s plenty of time to select your favorite pieces in advance.

Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony