The new season brings a variety of fresh vibes that instantly steal the spotlight while also enabling us to expand our vision as to what the defining concepts of a brand really are. After a multitude of heavily animal printed pieces that defined past seasons, the Roberto Cavalli label turns the concept on its head for the spring 2013 collection. Taking a break from uber conspicuous color touches, the brand takes a turn for the subtle yet still sexy designs that the new season seems to be all about.

After all the accent on geometry and fun textures, we now get to see simpler shapes and a whole lot more accent placed on femininity. The contrast between the old Cavalli designs and the new ones is especially obvious when we look at the monochrome white and black pieces that opened and closed the show. Still, what the label gave up in terms of vibrant tones was definitely made up with the sophisticated intricate embroidery that will surely capture the spotlight for more than just a few seconds. In depth analysis is undoubtedly the main intent for the newest feminine designs envisioned.

Though animal prints are not the spotlight of the collection, the designer couldn’t forgo the iconic pattern for good and included it in a more abstract manner that still captures the boldness and sexiness we got used to but steps it up a notch for an even more modern and refined allure. Leather will be a hot trend in spring, there’s little doubt about it. However, if leather pieces seem too much of a stretch, fabulous leather belts cut to look like lace can be the next best alternative. Belts will also prove necessary accessories for those who love flowy dresses and need a little structure and contrast to complete their looks.

Perhaps even more than wild prints, the Roberto Cavalli label is defined by sexiness and the brand surely hasn’t neglected this department. Bold cutouts, high splits, sheerness or generous cleavages are essential details for the label’s designs. No matter how different the approach tackled might be, one thing’s for sure: the label will never lose the sultriness that has consolidated its position in the industry for so many years now. Sophisticated and sexiness are no longer two opposing terms with the spectacular alternatives presented.

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