There's never a dull moment when taking a look at a collection put together by the Roberto Cavalli luxury label. Filled with bursts of bold, vivid tones, eye-catching prints and a very distinguishable sophisticated femininity allure, the spring 2012 lookbook manages to maintain and even surpass our expectations with a truly memorable array of style options.

Bold, intriguing, challenging and perhaps a little overwhelming but never boring seem to be the mission statements the Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli seems to be guided by in bringing majestic designs and challenging our style limits with each collection. For the spring 2012 season, the designer treats us with a hefty dose of animal prints that are an indispensable style staple for the brand in the recent seasons. A celebration of color, sexiness and joy makes the collection unforgettable and easily recognizable even at a fairly superficial glance.

Leopard prints are a central motif of the

Evening dresses are also briefly highlighted throughout the lookbook being a true symbol of high class and elegance. Although more toned down compared to casual attire, these alluring long dresses still require significant levels of confidence in order to be worn. Bold tones and high splits are definitely not for the faint hearted as they instantly become the center of attention.

Other print styles included are snake prints and floral prints. If snake prints are combined to be fairly subtle, floral prints are a whole other story. In a dominant color tone with minor variations or in wild combos, these prints are anything but traditional looking. Forget discretion and barely distinguishable prints for the upcoming months and focus on expanding your style limitations instead.

Accessories follow the same route the lookbook is built on. Whether we are talking about oversized handbags or clutches, the bold tones and edgy print styles and exotic skin texture unquestionably dominate. Footwear options focus on reasonably comfy sandals perfectly adapted to the outfit style while chunky necklaces and bracelets complete the looks to perfection.

Photo courtesy of Roberto Cavalli