Sequins, sparkle, eclectic animal texture combos and a desire to stand out barely manage to sum up the variety of complex outfit styles the high-end label Roberto Cavalli is bringing for the cold seasons of the year. Intriguing and sexy, the Cavalli woman definitely knows how to play up her features and fearlessly make a statement.

Luxury, utter sophistication and a myriad of wildly exciting animal prints are the main style recommendations for the fall/winter season made by the Roberto Cavalli fashion house. Always bold and impressive, the label has focused on reinventing its main motif, animal prints and increasing sophistication with exciting textural details and creative color touches. Never shying away from a style challenge, the latest collection features a myriad of risky yet spectacular combos that instantly mesmerize.

The brand was never an advocate of 'less is more' style philosophy which endorses strategic focal points as a way to attract attention. Instead, the philosophy has always been creating complex looks, compelling that they never fail to create an immediate reaction and become memorable. Mixing animal prints, therefore, is not only not frown upon, but actually highly encouraged and the tempting color palettes, sheen touches and breath-taking accessories are the perfect ingredient for creating that sophisticated vixen vibe one cannot help but be intrigued by.

Fun bubble dresses, leather gloves, occasional fur inserts and sparkly shoes are some of the most notable style touches that opened the show and left the audience speechless. Power and femininity combined tend to have that effect and the multitude of dresses in all shapes and sizes proved that highlighting your femininity in every possible way is, by no means, a trend that is likely to fade away anytime soon. If choosing between vibrant tones, fun mixed prints, leather and fur is not an option to be considered, getting a few style lessons from the brand on how to rock such looks will definitely ensure dazzling appearances all year long.

Short and seductive dresses might have attracted all the attention instantly, but as the presentation progressed, we were able to spot quite a few fascinating long dresses that feature several funky but completely adorable touches nonetheless. The ruffles and peplum trends have been combined before yet the designer managed to change the scale and thus magnify the effect with another bold addition, oversized blazers that created a strong statement outfit. Featuring daring cleavages or not, the outfits included in the latest Roberto Cavalli are far from being your ordinary outfit choice.

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