Just a few months back, the first Armani Jeans and Underwear campaign featuring Rihanna has taken us by surprise with the racy yet ultra classy and artistic photos that have managed to stand out in the myriad of similar ad campaigns for the season. Now the brand is adopting a similar strategy releasing a new set of equally mesmerizing photos meant to keep our interest alive.

If the first photos released by the brand showed a bold, confident and fierce Rihanna who appeared well aware of her sexuality, this time the poses show an equally seductive yet more innocent side of her. The blonde short crop was replaced by a luscious mid length hairstyle and face-framing bangs that remind us of her early debut style choices. The concept of black and white photos aimed to give a sexy yet sophisticated vibe to the campaign proved to be an amazing success and is still used as a distinctive element for the brand.

By tackling both sides of femininity, the confident, go-getter one and the more romantic, innocent, even somewhat shy side , the high end label is successfully sending the message that every woman can be beautifully represented by the designs included in the Armani Jeans and Underwear line. With the Sexiest Woman Alive as a spokesperson, getting the message across is definitely not difficult. The simple yet seductive ensembles prove that sometimes attitude, more than complex style rules, is the deciding factor for looking spectacular.

With the undeniable appeal of the first photoshoots, we sure hope that the Armani and Rihanna fruitful and undeniably profitable collaboration will go on for a long time. Meanwhile, we can only hope that we’ll get to see more stunningly creative ad campaigns that will offer us a lot of interesting style insights.

Photos via Armani Facebook