Revamp your spring wardrobe with a good mix of practical and reliable choices along with more adventurous ones to help you break out of the style rut. With a collection of stylish and ultra feminine outfit suggestions, the Revionnet spring/summer 2012 can be a great starting point for your next season makeover.

With every season that passes, the need for a style update becomes more stringent. The spring summer season is meant to express cheerfulness and femininity and this is the exact reflection of the latest Revionnet spring summer 2012 lookbook. The '60s and '70s vibe is still going strong for the upcoming months and the options presented couldn't be more exciting.

Rather than going on a classical route and focusing on clear structures and designs, the brand uses an elegant yet playful approach for its latest creations. Asymmetrical touches mixed with versatile pieces that exude sophistication are the recipe for a memorable outfit that manages to be both exciting and easily memorable. Ankle socks appear to have a comeback tendency in the new season even in outfits that are not overly casual.

Another tendency that doesn't look like it's going anywhere in the upcoming months is the stripes trend that adds interest automatically, effortlessly. Clearly defined structures are not for everyone, so those who would like to spice up their look with looser clothing styles have the option to do so thanks to the multitude of such pieces included in the lookbook. Loose shorts, ruffled skirts or loose fitting jackets are a few stylish alternatives if you are craving for a change in the structure department.

Although youthful and playful, the collection doesn't rely on eccentric touches that might only be permitted in a very strict set of circumstances. Instead, it maintains balance by focusing primarily on functionality and then adding the needed focal points. The color palette is also fairly specific and doesn't stray from the conventional tones. Bright red, hot orange, navy, and various shades of blue, beige or green are the main alternatives for the new season.

You can always rely on stylish basics to make a powerful impression, create interest and stand out. Denim jackets, trenches, scarfs, belts, black above the knee skirts or a white blouse can come in handy in a multitude of circumstances and, if combined correctly, they will never make you look plain or washed out. Take advantage of versatile pieces without giving up on style with the fab suggestions included in the latest Revionnet lookbook.

Photo courtesy of Revionnet