French photographer Thierry Le GouÈs transformed the 30th anniversary of the Replay brand into a memorable, impossible to ignore ad campaign by enlisting the help of gorgeous female models Vanessa Hessler and Irina Shayk. Channeling the fabulous sexy allure blended with casual vibes, the black background photos have an intriguing simplicity that inevitably attracts looks. The topless looks invariably have the eye-catching effect while leather fingerless gloves add a rebellious twist to the already completely amazing looks.

While dark washes are considered the most universally flattering ones, the brand challenges this well set concept with a wide array of faded jeans styles and even attempts to bring back the patched jeans styles which inevitably bring an interesting twist to any outfit. Sleeveless tees, gorgeous jackets or cozy checkered blouses prove to be the best options for gorgeous effortless casual looks. Paired with an ultra confident attitude, the combos are worth taking as style inspiration.

The choice of accessories greatly depends on the style impression that is being created. For a sultry, put together vibe, simply opting for classy peep toe platforms or summery wedges proves an ultra effective trick. On the other hand, uber practical and stylish sneakers are perfect for a laid-back allure that can rival much sexier combos without much difficulty. Hats and scarfs are other discreet additions that can make outfits more original.

From selecting fabulous jeans styles to finding ways to downplay our flaws and make the features we are most proud of the center of attention, the focus should always be on finding the things that make us feel best. Take some of the interesting style cues from the campaign and let them guide you towards finding alluring styles that will enhance your confidence and will make you feel seductive.

Replay Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Photo courtesy of Replay