What should the perfect pair of jeans do? Fit you perfectly, flatter your curves , make you feel spectacular and…update your Facebook status? If your expectations also happen to include social media features, you’re in luck, as the Italian label Replay is turning your desires into reality. Launching steamy campaigns like the spring/summer 2012 campaign, just wasn’t enough, so the label is taking a huge step forward towards 2.0 jeans and all signs point to the fact that the initiative might soon be followed by other labels in the clothing industry.

The Social Denim collection will have Facebook and Twitter capabilities build it. The jeans will feature a fifth pocket made out of vinyl which will hold a Bluetooth transmitter which can be coupled with the user’s smartphone. You can then use a series of buttons which can be used to broadcast mood or current location.

Furthermore, it appears that the app will also help you score a multitude of fun deals. How? Well, if you happen to be in the vicinity of a physical Replay store, the app will send you notifications about discounts and sales, thus rewarding your loyalty. After all, we’re moving to the era of smart high tech shopping, right?

You might be tempted to believe that such a futuristic sounding project is months or even years from being implemented, but you’d be wrong. The Social Denim line with jeans that will be available in regular-slim or skinny fit for men and skinny or baby boot fit for women are set to be launched this December. As for the price range, the new jeans will cost between €150 and €199.

How do you feel about the newest initiative from the label? Helpful or a bit excessive?

Photo courtesy of Replay