The new season is filled with glamour and sophistication in the new Reiss lookbook. The label makes the transition towards the new seasonal changes exciting and infused with femininity. The label doesn’t focus on a single clearly defined perspective with well set motifs. Instead, it tries to show a diverse set of alternatives that can be embraced for a classy and refined new season wardrobe that oozes elegance.

Since fashion is never a uniform set of choices, different vibes are sensed throughout the collection. Pleated skirts, cropped sweaters, leather pieces, colorful blazers or pastels all make their way into the new season in a multitude of fun combos that are undoubtedly worth trying or at least drawing inspiration from. Well defined structures and clearly set contrasts immediately draw attention where it is most desired. Visual impact? High.

You can never go wrong with simple classy pieces with a distinguishable timeless allure. But if you’re craving a trendy vibe, you have a variety of options. You can go for the print route which instantly attracts attention or you can try the modern and youthful approach and opt for classy accessories in contrasting colors or unexpected textures. Textural details like sheerness are another easy way to add fresh touches to your look.

Whether you prefer lady-like sophistication or want to include a little edginess into your look without losing the refined allure, the choices are definitely versatile enough to cater to several style needs. Amp this up by selecting fun and versatile pieces for an elegant vibe and use some of these fun ideas for a distinguishable style makeover that will instantly put you in the spotlight. The new collection is available at the official Reiss online shopicon!

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