Fashion is fabulous and the wider the inspiration of the designer gets, the more interesting the designs become. Red Valentino has managed to draw inspiration from various sources for the fall/winter 2011-2012 collection, and the result is just spectacular. A collection that hypnotizes and that combines contemporary freshness with timeless classics for an innovative, atypical look that is bound to make heads turn.

From vintage classics spiced up to suit the contemporary needs to stylishly sporty, the collection features everything you need to look fabulous. Red Valentino opted for designs that make an impact without shocking. Dresses, skirts, jackets and trenches paired with flirty knee length socks look adorable and seem to bring the perfect balance between classic elegance and modern casualness.

Bold shapes and romantic details are the perfect way to emphasize uniqueness according to Red Valentino’s collection for fall/winter 2011-2012, so take a peek at every design and pick your style boosters. The princess inspired short dresses and skirts accentuate the waistline, however without being too form fitting. Vintage touches are also brought by the use of the roaring sixties dresses and trenches as well as by cool colors such as the 60s London green that is kept monochrome or mixed to obtain a stylish color block outfit.

See through lace and tweed combos, flirty feminine details such as feathers and bows give a certain bohemian allure to the look, a mix that is bold and sophisticated yet casual at the same time. Red Valentino used various fabric mixes and plenty of color to achieve his goal for the new collection, and the result is just spectacular.

Apparently, the new black this season are variations of grey, but you can also see a myriad of other cool tones and bright mixes as this gives the collection a more playful allure. Red, green, fuchsia, black, white and grey enhance the beautiful fabrics and designs used, so check out the new collection and pick your season favorites.

Photos courtesy of Red Valentino