The Rebecca Taylor Spring/Summer 2012 followed the guidelines the brand has gotten us used to over the years: feminine, effortlessly cool outfits with a slightly whimsy touch. Contemporary looks with an ethereal touch, flowy silhouettes, subtle textures and simple combos were some of the main highlights of the collection.

Among the trend suggestions for the upcoming seasons, cropped tops, cutouts, mid length skirts, bohemian frocks, sequins or watercolor floral prints were among the most notable ones. Color-wise, soft neutrals, sky blue, silver, grey or yellow are some of the main choices of the brand. Despite the fact that most of the looks have a fairly obvious casual vibe, sequins or gun metal effects were sometimes used for a more eclectic vibe.

Metallic accents could also be seen as far as accessories go, which were kept mostly functional and rather discreet. These choices were perfectly in line with the overall tone of the outfits created, rather than being a strong fashion statement, being a fabulous source of inspiration for women who would like to experiment with some of these choices and still maintain a fairly understated look.

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