The season’s absolute must-have? A flirty flowy dress, of course. The IT item for the season gets a series of fabulous interpretations in the spring/summer Rebecca Taylor ad campaign. Floral prints, the go to print of designers and retailers for the warm season is inevitably on the spotlight with a casual dress style that is perfect for the days when playing with textures and layering seems a little too much effort and a quick stylish solution is needed.

When a more structured outfit is desired, a nylon jacket or a knitted sweater can immediately change the tone and consequently, the vibe of a simple outfit and enhance its versatility. There’s no need to turn to complex style rules in order to impress this season. Pieces with simple tailoring that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, are an often ignored among those who are fans of pure minimalistic vibes.

Lace details and abstract touches are other alluring vibes to consider even though there are not necessarily reflected in the mainstream trends as much as during the past seasons. Another rather eclectic vibe worth mentioning is the wet slicked back hairstyle, which serves as an interesting style statement or a funky vibe and goes well during hot days.

A merge between laid back vibes, functionality, comfort and style can be sensed if we analyze accessory options. Classy sandals and flats, medium handbags with discreet embellishments which increase the charm and maintain the alternatives in terms of combining are also present. Dare to embrace femininity with simple vibes and stand out with a bold attitude by taking inspiration from the brand’s latest campaign.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Taylor

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