In the quest for the most flattering jean styles, we carefully analyze each season’s offerings. The Raven Denim brand was quick to release the fall/winter 2012 lookbook and we must confess, the options are extremely appealing. The concept of tailored denim with classy and sultry touches dominates and the multitude of flattering vibes are impossible to ignore.

Skinny jeans are a clear favorite of the brand which provides many examples on how flattering these can be when chosen properly. And while classic blue jeans will never ever lose their appeal, the brand encourages to continue to experiment with colored styles and even subtle prints. Variation is the spice of life and jeans undoubtedly stick to this well known style rule. Fading, patches or tiny rips also find their way into the collection as the perfect way to bring a touch of variety without necessarily drawing all the attention on these focal points.

Looking at the overall picture we notice that simplicity is the best choice for rocking the new season trends. Warm and comfy sweaters with a subtle vintage vibe, tasteful cutouts, a hint of asymmetry or ruffles are the main style recommendations of the brand in this area. Comfort and confidence are crucial for a gorgeous look and the brand definitely stands by these principles when creating the looks. Still, despite the casual vibes, a polished image is still intensely desired.

For this flattering effect, the label uses the power of accessories. With versatility as the main goal, the options are pretty subdued and classy. Long necklaces with discreet pendants, bracelets and dark toned boots are the main options for upping the style potential of an outfit without looking like you are trying too hard to stand out or removing the noticeable casual vibe of the looks. Select a flattering pair of jeans and half the work when it comes to look spectacular will already be done.

Photo courtesy of Raven Denim