It seems that technology seems to match perfectly with fashion as Ralph Lauren decided to celebrate the smashing decade of online marketing with a fabulous 4d visual show. The Ralph Lauren 4D visual experience was an absolute delight and it was featured simultaneously in New York and London, two of the world’s most fashionable cities. The 4 D Ralph Lauren show features a fabulous 3 dimensional projection while the 4th element which contributed to the 4D effect was actually based on people’s olfactory sense, as the new Ralph Lauren fragrance was subtly dispersed into the air. Now that is a new interesting way to celebrate fashion.

The film which has been projected onto the buildings don’t look cheap and it’s been rumored that they were quite pricey, the sum revolving around a few million dollars but even so this is “small change” for this multi-million dollar corporation.

Ralph Lauren 4D Visual Experience

The oversized fashion models, polo players and bags delighted the eyes of the viewers who were quite impressed with the show. Unlike other fashion presentation this shows was for all of Ralph Lauren’s fans to see so it was also featured online, as it was a celebration of the cyber world as well. Online purchases are increasing as the world becomes more dependent on technology and so no wonder that nowadays you can find most of your favorite designer labels online and have them delivered to your home without having to move a muscle out of your home. This is quite convenient for people who don’t like to shop out or don’t have too much time to spend shopping, so why not choose online stores!

The entire show lasts about 10 minutes and it is definitely a fabulous experience. We hope Ralph Lauren will also feature this project on other important cities of the world so every Ralph Lauren fan can take a glimpse at the magical world fashion and technology have to offer!