A glimpse at the new spring 2013 fashion collection signed by celebrity stylist and designer, Rachel Zoe, was sufficient to get us hooked on every single ensemble that made it on the catwalk at the 2012 New York Fashion Week. Her designs looked chic, simple yet glamorous, contemporary yet with a little bit of Bohemian chicness attached, elements that fused flawlessly from start to finish and which kept all eyes focused on what was to come next.

It seems that motherhood has inspired Rachel Zoe to channel her energy into creating a diva-worthy spring 2013 fashion collection by opting for shapes that glide around the feminine forms and that overlap flawlessly casualness with elegance and great taste. If you weren’t already a fan of the 41 year old designer, you’re probably going to become one after sneaking a peek at the fantastic designs presented in her spring 2013 collection as who can resist the alluring power of laid-back, elegant and chic garments?!

It doesn’t take an expert to see that Rachel Zoe’s personal style reflected into every fashion piece as the style icon is known for her love for the pantsuit, large brimmed hats, stylish masculine inspired suits, the maxi dress, slouchy silhouettes and basically everything with a soft Bohemian vibe. Thus the display of gorgeous wide leg trousers paired with vaporous shirts and matching blazers didn’t surprise the audience, but the gorgeous maxi shirt dresses definitely did as they were innovative and exuded sexiness, a perfect mix for the woman that wants to be noticed but doesn’t wish to look like she’s trying too hard to look drop-dead-gorgeous.

To add a high dose of hotness and underline the new season vibe, Rachel Zoe opted for accessories rather than vivacious pigments, although a few burnt orange, turquoise tones and some animal prints did enchant the eyes of the public, as did the glitzy glam paillettes featured on certain fabrics. The accessories could also be traced back to the designer’s trademark style (hats to oversized bags and sunglasses), but these accessories helped add the finishing touches to the collection, making it look exquisite!

Taking us on a ‘carousel ride’ by going back and forth with laid back pieces and glamor items, bringing simple pieces and showing off the brand’s layering skills, the designer demonstrated that you don’t have to show off too much skin too look enviable. The fun, playful yet elegant and classy collection has also marked by a high ‘wearability’ level, making it a perfect new season choice for true fashionistas and urban glam girls across the world, so if you’re ready to make the best out of your style, include your fave pieces from this amazing collection in your new season wardrobe and prepare to be amazed by the power of high-end fashion!

Photos courtesy of style.com