The well known celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is launching her first fashion collection. Everyone is excited to take a glimpse at the fabulous fashion items featured in the collection. Fashion plays a very important role and pregnant Rachel Zoe knows this best, as she looks dazzling with every public appearance.

Rachel Zoe’s first fashion collection is a perfect mix between feminine glamour and 70’s fashion style as vintage fashion with a touch of modernism is in high demand nowadays. Pregnant Rachel Zoe showed up at the photo shoot for the presentation of the collection looking fabulous and wearing a stylish brocade jacket created for her collection. This means she designed a collection which is not only trendy but suits her style as well.

Lovely tuxedo jackets, vaporous flirty dresses, vintage classic style dresses, fabulous floor length flared trousers suits, are only a few of the details which dominated the collection. The vintage influences transposed into Rachel Zoe’s debut collection suffered a few transformations along the way and the results are absolutely perfect. Rachel Zoe’s style bohemian style is made visible through certain details such as the extra long, seventies influenced trousers, tussled hair as well the ruffled vaporous fabrics used to create some of the designs.

To match the stylish and uber-feminine fashion collection which features outfits perfect for the classy woman who loves fashion Rachel Zoe turned towards accessories such as fabulous handbags as well as shoes. The shoes chosen matched perfectly the designs so a variety of high heel pumps and suede boots were featured but Rachel Zoe promises that flats as well as stylish riding boots are in plan. Details about the retailers which will distribute the collection are not yet known but the collection will definitely be available in posh stores and boutiques which only feature stylish, high-end clothes.

Because price is also an important detail revolving a fashion collection, Rachel Zoe decided to ensure her collection is sold at a reasonable price, so you will probably be able to purchase a day dress for about $250, the prices for a complete tuxedo style outfit being around $700. We are eager to see the collection in stores so make sure you prepare yourself for when the clothes hit the shelves!

Photos by Stephen Sullivan via WWD