The latest Spring/Summer 2012 RTW collections are beginning to be revealed to the public and expectations are running high. The latest collection released by the Rachel Comey brand has definitely stood out, so check out the main style trends endorsed by the brand for next year.

The Spring 2012 Rachel Comey collection is a fabulous reflection of the subtle paradigm shift announced by the brand: taking prints to a "more subtle, textural level". The latest styles presented during the New York Fashion Week are a perfect representation of this new style perspective and the outfits presented are definitely wearable.

Femininity, comfort, geometric vibes with a modern touch and subtle prints are the main style directions emphasized by the brand for the new season. Mid length skirts, airy loose fitted dresses, sheer details, plaid prints, comfortable flats, slippers, loafers, staw hats and retro sunglasses are a few of the pieces touted as must haves for the Spring/Summer 2012 season.

Color-wise, the brand keeps thing fairly simple shying away from strong color blocks or over-the-top attention grabbing hues. Light grey, forest green, rich blue tones, eternally elegant black tones are some of the key hues selected by the brand. With such a permissive color palette and extremely versatile pieces endorsed by the brand, elegance and simplicity seem to go hand in hand.

Photo courtesy of WWD