Staying stylish at all times with the ever changing trends while still maintaining a fabulous look with versatile pieces can seem a tough goal, yet countless fabulous looks created by the industry retailers always manage to tear apart the prejudice that you need to give up some expectations when dressing. The Promod spring/summer 2012 lookbook gives us plenty of examples to prove that one can truly have it all if creativity is used.

French women have always been envied for their polished yet seemingly effortless looks and the desire to uncover the multitude of fabulous options available to us is the perfect mission for the Promod label. Simple yet superb pieces, intuitive yet always surprising combos or subtle trendy vibes which enhance the look without interfering with versatility or functionality are just some of the fabulous options that the label combines for a fabulous overall vibe.

Jeans, white pants, flattering blazers or cardigans are the perfect starting bases for a terrific casual chic look. Skirts and simple yet seductive skirts and dresses are ideal for creating trendy, feminine looks while bold color tones can provide a similar, bolder style effect. With the use of versatile pieces as starting bases, the main focal point can be wilder and more expressive and t-shirts are the perfect piece to help you get the unique twist you crave. The lookbook abounds in stylish alternatives worth exploring for those who want options beyond the mainstream trend.

Comfort is definitely part of the equation when looking for fabulous creative options that meet both style and practical demands. Fab jackets are a wonderful example since they serve both a functional role in transition days and create a more complex vibe through the layering effect. Accessories follow a similar guideline being added with versatility and function in mind and without the slightest compromise as far as the comfort aspect is concerned.

Photo courtesy of Promod