As the London Fashion Week progresses, the conservative tone of most collections presented so far is becoming more and more apparent. If feminine vibes unquestionably dominated the New York Fashion Week, the slightly masculine look is starting to regain some power for the spring summer 2012 season.

The myriad of neutral tones throughout the collection suggests a high emphasis on versatile pieces that can be easily mixed and matched for a classy flawless outfit. Prints are kept at a minimum and the preference for highly structural, geometric ones is well justified and expected. All over prints are generally replaced by simple yet effective touches that put the focus where it belongs to.

An interesting style trend that could be spotted in this brand’s show is the pointy toe pump trend that was not yet seen at too many brands before. Cardigans are also highly valued for their versatility, so it is no wonder they are often included when creating an outfit. Given the masculine vibe of the collection, fitted, body-hugging pieces are not necessarily seen as the only alternative, which is another characteristic that sets the brand apart.

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