The Prada pre-fall 2013 campaign has already been released. It might seem a little premature to discuss pre-fall options already, yet time is perceived differently in the fashion industry. Plus getting a glimpse of the new options to come can enable us to make a better set of choices this season. In the end, making choices which have plenty of mileage trend-wise is always more satisfactory than getting fab pieces only to discover that they have fallen into disgrace. This certainly won’t be the case with the new Prada offerings considering the fact that they have a fab timeless allure.

The new Prada campaign for the pre-fall 2013 season was lensed by fashion photographer Steven Meisel and features models Amanda Murphy, Irene Hiemstra & Vanessa Axente. The focus on geometry is beautifully reflected by the multitude of checkered pieces which instantly attract attention. The new dresses and the interesting combos attract attention for a moment, however, as any handbag lover will instantly attest, the new Prada handbags are the stars of the latest campaign.

Prada Pre-Fall 2013 Campaign Prada Pre-Fall 2013 Campaign

Though Prada is usually known for its love for quirky accents and the intense desire to stand out, the newest line of accessories are meant to appeal to a wider range of customers and can easily become signature bags. With plenty of room for carrying your possessions in style and a classy vibe, the new handbags are a fabulous addition to any wardrobe. If you’re looking for a statement, a bold tone will definitely do the trick.

The Prada pre-fall 2013 ads bring an interesting perspective on the new season looks. The focus is one versatility, gorgeous classy pieces and creative layering and proportions. Though the latest Prada campaign is just a small part as far as the transitional months are concerned, it seems like the latest options are aimed to be practical and uber versatile and that creativity will be the main element that separates plain looks from intriguing, eye-catching ones.

Prada Pre-Fall 2013 Campaign Prada Pre-Fall 2013 Campaign

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Photos: Prada