For Prabal Gurung the pre-fall 2013 season is a fabulous opportunity to explore the geometric side of things and make the most of the beautiful geometric tendency that seems so eagerly embraced for the upcoming year. From construction to print choices, every detail highlights the eagerly embraced style direction the hottest new season alternatives are headed to. These main alternatives presented are beautifully balanced in the sense that there aren’t too many alternatives that fall in the masculine range and the feminine allure of the dresses is not exacerbated as one might have thought.

Body conscious dresses are once again stealing the spotlight and the emphasis on the waist is once again extremely high. By the designer’s own admission, the season is a great option for focusing on the technical side of things: “Pre-fall is a great time for me to work on fabrics and technical details and hone a collection before the fall rush.” The intention is materialized through a variety of creative contrasts both color and texture-wise. The color palette is permissive yet strictly limited to a fab set of options that stay within a well defined style perspective.

Creative abstract prints, fabulous cutouts, sheer touches are wrapped up in a classy allure that feels relaxed yet refined and has a distinguishable modern touch. The result is predictably spectacular and fashionistas from various age groups can appreciate the style perspective highlighted. Simple color combos seem to be the most effective in terms of high impact and elegance. Print lovers will definitely find plenty of fun alternatives. Accessories are kept at a minimum in order to keep the clothing pieces in the spotlight rather than creating several focal points which can prove distracting.

Despite their relative discreet allure, it is interesting to analyze the shoe trends in terms of perceived elements highlighted. Platforms will continue to dominate as far as preferred style is concerned since they beautifully combine the need for comfort with the unquestionable style benefits of high heels. There are certainly several style influences worth analyzing and replicating in this fabulous new Prabal Gurung collection.

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