Planet Blue has always managed to inject a carefree, free spirited allure into each and every lookbook. Its current project titled ‘Lost Lifetime’ falls right in line with these principles offering a variety of fun touches worth including in your day to day looks. With just a few minor adjustments you can inject an edgy allure into your casual looks. From prints to accessories, a few fun accents can make a world of difference when it comes to the overall tone of the outfit.

A touch of sheen, florals with an abstract touch, geometric vibes are just a few options you can use to refresh your new season pieces and inject a touch of freshness without trying too hard. The beauty choices go right along with these fun touches, as a perfect look is constructed by taking all important aspects that contribute to a fabulous look. Effortless chic is the concept to keep in mind.

In the search for the hottest accessories to perk up your look instantly? Experiment with chunky statement necklaces, metallic vibes, intricate bracelet designs and pair everything with a hefty dose of chicness that will transform you into the trendsetter within your group. Embrace bold combos and give away precautions for a change… the results will definitely surprise you. Though not for the faint hearted, these combos are memorable and thought provoking.

Play with complexity and proportions for similarly striking results that will challenge self imposed style boundaries. Use accessories to draw attention to your favorite features while downplaying features you’re not so proud of. Since we’re talking casual wear here, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort in the slightest to get a similar edgy look. Have fun reinventing your look with these useful style guidelines.

Photo courtesy of Planet Blue