Channel a little French girl sophistication in your outfits in the upcoming season with the help of simple yet ultra chic combos. Let the Petit Bateau brand guide your steps in order to achieve effortless sophistication.

When temperatures reach less than comfortable values it is extremely tempting to begin fantasizing about lazy, warm days spent relaxing on the beach without worrying about a single thing in the world. If you feel like indulging in such fantasy, the French brand Petit Bateau provides the perfect scenery.

French women have been often envied for their relaxed, apparently careless yet so exciting dressing code and the spring 2012 collection by the brand aims to support this exact idea, providing casual chic options with a touch of minimalism as a source of inspiration for the upcoming months.

Hottest trend for 2012 according to the brand? Stripes and lots of them. Thin, thick, contrasting or easily blended in the outfit, they are a simple yet effective way to add a fun touch to an outfit and even becoming focal points. Investing in basics like simple, sporty short dresses and skirts, sweaters or fab t-shirts is a delightfully simple and effective approach for stress free chicness.

Fab accessories don't have to be overly-striking in order to enhance an outfit. Simple choices like bandanas or chic espadrille flats worn with the right attitude can have a tremendous impact in helping you create a powerful positive impression. Selecting flattering tones has a similar effect and maintaining a balance between contrast and versatility can prove a winning strategy.

In the swimwear area of choice, the brand maintains the same simple yet ultra effective approach focusing on comfort, decency and simplicity. One piece bathing suits, comfortable and more revealing two piece styles with a more seductive touch are some of the main alternatives endorsed.

Photo courtesy of Petit Bateau