It seems that for the new season, Marisa Spinella and her business partner Arielle Vavasseur, chose to follow the same recipe to success, by channeling the alter egos that led to the ‘birth’ of Penelope and Coco footwear and fashion label. The designers chose to rely on the clear distinction between the styles of Penelope, an addict to all things elegant chic and with a touch of vintage and Coco, a thrill seeking fashionista who has a penchant for mysterious, Gothic influenced designs, and it seems that the result of this fusion of styles is capable of making heads turn without too much effort.

Individuality when it comes to style is absolutely necessary if you wish to stand out of the crowd and personalize your style and this is exactly what Maria Spinella and Arielle Vavasseur had in mind when they launched Penelope and Coco in 2010. The brand that focuses on bringing distinct, high quality fashion and footwear designs managed to overlap the latest trends with the most interesting silhouettes, making the fall 2012 collection a delight to watch from start to finish.

This fall the fashion podiums were dominated by baroque influenced garments, Gothic inspired styles, elegance oozing vintage silhouettes, cozy knitwear, glitzy glam applications, eye catching prints as well as plenty of leather, and it seems that all these elements can be traced back to the new Penelope and Coco fall 2012 collection. All the brand’s street-chic designs display a sense of uniqueness given through the high attention to detail put into every outfit.

Apart from the stylish ensembles such as the classic ankle cut pants paired with a cool jacket and glitzy glam cropped top, the leather pants and jackets, the stylish lace applique short dress, lace skirt and blazer, baroque style suit and fab print pant-blouse outfits featured in the collection, the brand’s designers chose to pair the fashionable clothes with trendy footwear such as the Birdie boots, the Gracie and Harper pumps, the Edie animal print high heel platform ankle booties, the classic Ivy boot, the modern super high Avery booties and cool flats such as the Gorgi masculine inspired shoe. However, the design that caught our eye the most, was the Bambi flats with mesh detailing and pyramid stud applications, available in both black and silver, so browse through the oh-so-stylish shoes and pair hem with your favorite Penelope and Coco outfits as their diversity and chicness will help your maintain your style ever-fresh!

Photos courtesy of Penelope and Coco