A nice preview of the next season’s trends are comprised in the latest Paule Ka fall 2012 season. Designer Serge Cajfinger takes inspiration from the glorious era of the ’60s. Air travel always had an elegant allure and the latest collection adds a touch of rebellion to the mix for a stronger effect. Femininity, playful proportions and simplicity blend into intriguing combos that challenge your perceptions and encourage you to try a few unexpected pieces that can instantly jazz up simple outfits.

Pleats, delicate fabrics, fabulous skirts and funky jackets that serve both as a statement and as a way to break monotony, long sweaters or chunky flatforms are some of the style suggestions of the brand for the rainy days to come. Playing with color is seen as less important compared to attracting attention through textural details and maximizing the number of possible combinations. Unlikely pairings open the path to creativity and the styles presented sure manage to prove it. The designer mixed ‘rich and poor’ fabrics for a stylish effect.

Leather accents and fur trimmings in various forms might be an expected style direction for the cold days but with the unexpected twist of ankle socks and peep toe pumps, which traditionally has been a trend for the spring/summer days, the combinations become eye-catching and thought-provoking. Color-wise, the combinations are fairly comfortable as versatility and classicism with a retro vibe make the looks balanced and sophisticated. Tones to include in your next season outfits in the brand’s vision are: orange, navy, light green, yellow or red paired generously with flattering neutrals.

From outfits suitable for the transitional days between seasons to classy outfits with a timeless allure, the style direction is crystal clear: femininity with a refined touch expressed with refinement, comfort and confidence. Don’t ditch your romantic skirts with a lady-like allure as they will prove a strong piece in helping you stay on trend all season long. Pair your classy outfits with unexpected accessories for a cute twist as shown in the brand’s latest collection.

Photos via style.com