Sophie Albou’s take on style for the upcoming Paul & Joe fall 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week is kept well under wraps and this mystery surrounding the brand’s new path to style makes us quiver with excitement. The designer’s courage when it comes to playing with various styles is well known and a glimpse at past collection signed by the brand reveal this boldness when it comes to juggling with contrasting patterns, reason for which it would be impossible to anticipate what the new Paul & Joe fashion collection will bring.

The clear distinction of styles between collections is best seen when juxtaposing two of the brand’s latest – the fall 2012 collection and Paul & Joe’s spring 2013 collection which prove that the designer can play with both feminine details and masculine elements without being doomed for failure! However, there is one thing all the collections have in common: city chicness!

Paul & Joe at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Sophie Albou manages to pull off some of the most interesting mixes with the most incredible dose of wearability, whether created through contrasting fabrics of stylish prints, so if you’re on a quest to perfect your style Paul & Joe is definitely a fashion label to take take your cue from.

The sophistication and free-spirited vibe given off by the brand’s previous collections make us believe that the upcoming Paul & Joe show at Paris Fashion Week will be worth our full attention, so if you’re feeling the same be sure to check back and browse through the brand’s 2013 collection as we’ll update this post as soon as the show will make its debut on Tuesday, March 5th starting 6:30 PM at Palais de Tokyo, Saut du Loup, Paris!

Paul & Joe at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos: Paul & Joe