The Paris Fashion Week spring 2014 edition might have just began but it already brought a variety of cool alternatives into the spotlight. The return to simplicity with a modern spin and a desire to translate futuristic perspectives into wearable designs were the main takeaways from the first two Paris Fashion Week days. Here are some of the coolest 2014 creations that caught our eye so far:

PFW Spring 2014: Anthony Vaccarello

Belgian designer, Anthony Vaccarello, is beloved for his penchant for sexy designs. For his spring 2014 line, the designer took the idea of sultriness even further taking inspiration from swimsuits. “I wanted to try to bring swim to the city,” he explained. 

Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2014

The idea was materialized though a multitude of high-waisted skirts, cool oversized blazers, cutout dresses and even tie-dye denim, all in a well defined color palette which revolved around black, silver, navy, red and white. View more from: Anthony Vaccarello spring 2014 collection

PFW Spring 2014: Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh Spring 2014

The sci-fi inspired Gareth Pugh spring 2014 collection was definitely surprising, but not in the usual sense. Though the designer kept his recognizable trademark, this time he brought a myriad of ultra wearable ensembles with a classic feminine twist. In other words, the new creations don’t cater solely to a narrow niche with an acquired taste for futuristic goth-inspired designs. In addition to simple modern floor length dresses and long skirts, the label brought cool architectural jackets with semi-arc shoulders, cool metallic accents and simple peep toe boots. View more from: Gareth Pugh spring 2014 collection

PFW Spring 2014: Guy Laroche

Guy Laroche Spring 2014

Designer Marcel Marongiu’s thoughts were also influenced by the exciting world of sci-fi, particularly the “Gattaca” and “Metropolis” films. These influences received a cool sporty twist and were reflected mostly shape-wise though pieces like bubble dresses, chic jackets with a shatter glass effect, sporty yet elegant hoodies and tennis skirts. Though simple monochrome outfits dominated, the designer included abstract patterns for a more interesting twist, but only shortly. View more from: Guy Laroche spring 2014 collection

PFW Spring 2014: Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille Spring 2014

Strong, confident, sexy women inspired Alexis Mabille’s 2014 collection. The designer cited “Rosie the Riveter” as inspiration for the idea of female strength and Alberto Vargas’ pinup girls for sexiness. Even with so many retro influences, the line had a distinctly modern appeal. Cool military-inspired jumpsuits, high slit maxi dresses, satin summer jackets and practical trench coats and a few elegant gowns defined the chic new line. View more from: Alexis Mabille spring 2014 collection

PFW Spring 2014: Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Felipe Oliveira Baptista Spring 2014

The Felipe Oliveira Baptista spring 2014 collection was a lesson in simplicity. The show was titled “The Sheltering Sky”, revealing the starting point of the new line, Paul Bowles’ famous novel. Key pieces from the new line were chic shirtdresses, military-inspired trenches, fab jumpsuits in a handful of chic tones:light khaki, white and several blue tones. Only a few abstract printed pieces made their way into the new line as the label’s creative director made the cool relaxed silhouettes with a modern twist the main focal point. View more from: Felipe Oliveira Baptista spring 2014 collection

Photos: WWD