The final days of the Paris Fashion Week spring 2014 edition brought a fascinating set of alternatives from luxury retailers renowned for their focus on elegance and sophistication. Though most labels stuck to their regular style perspective there were also some very interesting surprises. It seems however, that pattern-wise, there are plenty of similarities: florals and graphic tribal prints will be incredibly popular in the new season. Here are some of the looks that have caught our eye:

PWF Spring 2014 Trends: Romantic Touches at Giambattista Valli

Romance is at the basis of the luxury label’s DNA and the Giambattista Valli spring 2014 collection was one more powerful reminder in a long series. 

Giambattista Valli Spring 2014

This time, the Italian designer took inspiration from the Arte Povera movement, particularly from the work of artists Alighiero Boetti and Jannis Kounellis. The line brought chic proportional contrasts, a myriad of tridimensional floral appliques and intricate embroideries and plenty floral prints. View more from: Giambattista Valli spring 2014 collection

PWF Spring 2014 Trends: Boudoir Details at Elie Saab

Elie Saab Spring 2014

Lebanese designer Elie Saab, was also in a deep romantic mood. The Elie Saab spring 2014 collection was based on the idea of a lace garden. The focus remained the same as always: offering breath-taking, elegant alternatives for night and day. However, there was something discernibly different this time as the new line also featured prints and riskier strategically placed sheer panels than in his previous lines. The chromatic palette was well defined and revolved around sophisticated eglantine rose, bougainvillea, verdant green with a few cool grey, white and black tones. View more from: Elie Saab spring 2014 collection

PWF Spring 2014 Trends: Roman Heritage at Valentino

Valentino Spring 2014

Creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli were inspired by the Rome Opera in the making of the new Valentino spring 2014 collection. Their romantic vision was materialized through a series of chic ethnic motifs and luxurious embroideries. The duo is known for their strong focus on couture and exquisite craftsmanship which were once again reflected beautifully in a series of gorgeous creations, of which the most memorable were the long sleeve floor-length dresses with many lace decorations. From a chromatic standpoint, intense shades of emerald green, deep red, black, grey or coral were the ones that dominated. View more from: Valentino spring 2014 collection

PWF Spring 2014: Opulence & Glamour at Valentin Yudashkin

Valentin Yudashkin Spring 2014

Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin, brought a stunning array of ultra sophisticated ensembles into the spotlight in his new spring 2014 line. It seems that 80s style influences had a strong influence on the label’s creations if we are to judge by the oversized shoulders some dresses feature. Still, the true highlight of the label’s new line are the stunning evening dresses with golden details and intricate embroideries which radiate opulence and extravagance. View more from: Valentin Yudashkin spring 2014 collection

PWF Spring 2014 Trends: Urban Warriors at Alexander McQueen

Alexander Mc Queen Spring 2014

Creative director Sarah Burton, brought her own vision of a “powerful woman” on the spring 2014 runway, which pushed a multitude of accents into the spotlight. Though the warrior allure was the dominant one, Maasai influences were also an important part of the new line. The line brought chic kilts, bold harness tops, horsehair skirts, cropped jackets and many more exciting alternatives. As for the headgear, the designer explained that they are her version of the “1920s cloche hats”, inspired by “Mondrian and Picasso in the early 20th century.” View more from: Alexander McQueen spring 2014 collection