Quirkiness had a special place at the Paris Fashion Week spring 2014 edition. As much as we love trends, there’s always something incredibly refreshing about designers and labels which eschew pressure to be commercial and chose to bring thought-provoking ensembles into the spotlight. Fun, bold or completely whimsical creations in various degrees of wearability defined these cool spring 2014 lines:

PFW Spring 2014: Jean Paul Gaultier

The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ show was at the base of the new spring 2014 collection. The designer played with volume and structure in order to bring a touch of edginess to his new looks. In the beginning, the designer presented a myriad of edgy form-fitting leather pieces which instantly attracted attention. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2014 Collection

As the show progressed, the palette of options expanded significantly with fringed flapper dresses, ruffle dresses, hooded sweatshirts, cool trench coats, metallics, or sexy asymmetric gowns. View more from: Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2014 collection

PFW Spring 2014: Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2014 Collection

If for the Vivienne Westwood Red Label collection presented during the LFW the designer chose to make a political statement, for her main line presented at PFW, she kept things simpler, with no underlying messages or statements whatsoever. Instead, she used medieval pilgrims as inspiration for her new creations. Draped bias-cut dresses, tulle skirts, chic cleavage baring tops and plenty of quirky hair accessories. View more from: Vivienne Westwood spring 2014 collection

PFW Spring 2014: Tsumori Chisato

Tsumori Chisato Spring 2014 Collection

Designer Tsumori Chisato played with Japanese influences for the spring 2014 collection. The designer envisioned a girl who travels to Japan, Paris and eventually…to the moon. With this broad source of inspiration it becomes easy to understand why the palette of options is so generous. Despite the eclectic nature of her creations, the new line is one of the the designer’s most sophisticated offerings with only a subtle quirky twist. The line featured chic tunics, feminine dresses and skirts with ribbon and raffia embroideries. View more from: Tsumori Chisato spring 2014 collection

PFW Spring 2014: Kenzo

Kenzo Spring 2014 Collection

Youthful, eclectic and always eye-catching pretty much sums up Kenzo’s style mission. For spring 2014, designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon based their creations on “the idea of fusing classic tailoring with beach living.” Pattern-wise, geometric and graphic aqua motifs tend to dominate. The new line brings an array of cool cropped tops, shorts, blazers and breezy overcoats, comfy sneakers or crossed strapped sandals with metal perforated heel. View more from: Kenzo spring 2014 collection

PFW Spring 2014: Comme des Garçons

Comme Des Garcons Spring 2014 Collection

If there’s one line which deserves to be described as quirky, it’s definitely the Comme des Garçons spring 2014 collection. But how exactly can one push the limits and come up with something innovative? Well, creative director Rei Kawakubo explained it best: “The only way to create something new was to start without the intention of making clothes.” She played with volume, brought plenty of architectural accents into the spotlight and a seemingly countless supply of eye-catching details which are thought-provoking first and foremost. To single out the pieces that defined the new line would prove extremely difficult as each of the new creations stands out on its own. View more from: Comme des Garcons spring 2014 collection