There are no style guidelines to fit us all and the latest Paper Crown collection uses exactly this idea in the holiday 2011 collection to deliver interesting style suggestions from different fashion perspectives. Simple and intuitive, flirty and feminine or trendy and glamorous, the looks are pretty straight forward and easy to replicate.

Classy and comfortable fabrics like silk, velvet and even lace are used alternatively throughout the collection alone or in combination with other fabrics for a classy look. From the classic LBD to ruffly tops and everything in between, the collection easily proves how simplicity can sometimes be the most intuitive elegant option. “I am thrilled to watch this collection evolve and grow,” Lauren Conrad stated as she presented her view of the collection.

Fabulous above the knee dresses and shorts for a flirty day look come in a fairly striking contrast with the more elegant slim fitting floor length dresses that are suited for more formal occasions. With a fairly defined color palette that includes a lot of soft neutrals, some of the pieces can be easily adapted for a variety of outfit styles. With accessories kept at a bare minimum, the entire focus is meant to fall on the outfit itself rather than being taken to the edge with bolder choices.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Konrad