Boldness is definitely in for the spring 2013 season. The Paco Rabanne fashion house definitely encourages women to take this direction when it comes to making a fabulous statement. Forgoing high volumes for strong impact fabrics and daring cutouts, the label definitely highlights the idea that the new season belongs to pieces with interesting textures and structures rather than to the uber colorful and conspicuous prints which have previously dominated runways.

Damsel in distress? How about strong, confident warrior instead? For the latter options the label endorses a multitude of gorgeous short dresses which will turn heads through their bold necklines, unexpected cutouts or the noticeable texture contrasts that will invariably intrigue and impress. Even in this day and age, wearing an armor can be a viable option if you’re keen on making a fun fashion statement and have the nerve to do so.

Though leather has officially been a fall sample for years, there’s no reason not to extend wear in the warmer days as well. Thanks to the new creative insights of the designers, you can now rock a variety of fun leather pieces in the new season as well and have a blast while doing so. Ditto for golden metallic elements which instantly add a touch of uniqueness to a variety of pieces. Intricate details can definitely amp up the interest of a piece and eliminate the need for many accessories.

If you’re gonna sport an edgy, warrior-like outfit, you’ll definitely need shoes that match the vibe. Gladiators become once again the inspiration behind fun and daring sandals and even open toe above the knee boots. Another fun fact…you can definitely embrace both comfort and trendiness with these babies, so no need to resort to towering high heels for a bold effect that will get you noticed.

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