Clean modern lines and a hint of edginess made the new Paco Rabanne designs stand out at this Paris Fashion Week edition. Browse through the season's best looks.

The Paco Rabanne fall 2013 collection felt almost subdued if we think about some of the brand's past creations and we definitely feel it's a good thing since the designs are extremely wearable yet still carry a fabulous modern vibe which will never make the wearer feel plain in the new season creations. Designer Lidia Maurer brought a multitude of interesting looks while still keeping some metallic hints now and there for a fab effect, similar to the one past season had.

Staying away from the exaggerated proportions that many of the previous presentations from Paris Fashion Week 2013 and from the other style capitals aggressively promoted, the Paco Rabanne fall 2013 collection can easily appeal both to those who have a yearning for uber versatile pieces that serve as perfect options for years to come and to those who love a hint of sexiness viewed through modern touches. Though one could admire a myriad of gorgeous dresses down the runway, the feminine allure was easily balanced with the sharp tailored blazers and jackets which brought a sense of classiness with a hint of severity.

Paco Rabanne Fall 2013 Collection Paco Rabanne Fall 2013 Collection

Incorporating a bit of sheen into daywear doesn't have to be complicated and the new Paco Rabanne fall 2013 collection easily shows how it can be done with easily for a spectacular look. Those who see leather as one of the best options for making a statement, especially during chilly days will also be delighted to discover the multitude of exquisite offerings and subtly edgy alternatives the new season brings into the spotlight. Sequins don't have to feel pretentious if the cut is kept simple and a cute yet inconspicuous textural contrast is created. The label proved it with a few fab dresses with subtle variations that attract attention despite their relative simplicity.

The creative vision was completely congruent in every way as the accessories from the Paco Rabanne fall 2013 collection was right in line with the rest of the pieces. The accessories are used only as accents and are not meant to distract attention from the outfits as a whole but rather to fulfill the practical needs without becoming central focal points. Think modern with a slight edge for your new season looks to stay on top of the latest trends in the season to come.

Paco Rabanne Fall 2013 Collection Paco Rabanne Fall 2013 Collection Paco Rabanne Fall 2013 Collection Paco Rabanne Fall 2013 Collection

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Photos: Paco Rabanne